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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Design patterns and software architecture

Here is a very nice article on solution architecture:

This is a very nice article and having worked in for large companies in similar capabilities I can relate to many aspects the author has highlighted. Here is his conclusion:

Based on the lessons that I learned, this is the advice that I would give to an architect who might be faced with the same situation:
· Understand that many problems have been solved in the past. When defining a software solution, ... look for patterns that solve similar problems, and leverage those patterns into frameworks to solve your particular problem.
· Consider creating frameworks as part of an initial release. ... defining frameworks early in a development effort ... can be highly beneficial in terms of productivity gains... .
· Convince management that future refactoring will have to be accounted for. No matter how good are the initial architecture and design, changes will be required as the product matures. ...
· Make sure that you can map all functionality back to system requirements, either implicit or explicit. In most cases, the job of an architect is to deliver a solution. Most business sponsors will not care how eloquent a solution is, if it does not deliver the functionality that is required by the business.