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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Dress up your Blogspot

Wow! guys I have to share this with you all. This is cool.
I was browsing to find some sheet music for Illayaraja's songs and stumbled on
Jacob Jesupatham's blog. What surprised me was not the content but the layout. How come he managed to put such a nice style sheet! I looked under the hood and found this treasure trove of Klodian: Good job Klodian!

Anyways - if you are interested here is a bunch of sheet music for Tamil movie songs

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Beat Sheets

Have you ever wanted to see some example Beat Sheets? Check out:
How about some more? Check out:

Monday, January 18, 2010

Script - Tips from Michael Hauge

I recently stumbled upon Michael Hauge (author or Sell Your Story in 60 Seconds) and found these wonderful tips.

If you would recollect I was searching for ways to make my hero more likable a few months ago. He has elaborated these in this above mentioned book too.

  • Introduce the hero within the first ten pages and create immediate IDENTIFICATION using:
    • sympathy,
    • jeopardy,
    • likability,
    • humor or power.
  • Give the hero a compelling DESIRE, with a clear, visible goal for her to reach by the end of the movie.
  • Provide seemingly insurmountable OBSTACLES the hero must overcome to achieve that goal.
  • Make the story CREDIBLE: your characters must behave the way people with their backgrounds would logically behave in whatever situation you have created.
  • EMPLOY SUBTEXT: avoid clich├ęd, on-the-nose, or “announcing” dialogue, or speeches that duplicate the action.
  • Create GROWTH for your hero by giving her an emotional fear to overcome as she pursues her goal.
  • Give the story a clear, satisfying ENDING.

Here is what I would add: After you have written a script following all the above ask yourself whose story it is, ask if there is a singular protagonist and singular antagonist, ask if there is enough conflict all through, and ask if there is a tangible event to mark the ending.

Remember: Movie is a Character's (protagonist) journey (plot) towards a Goal which the character desperately wants against all odds (antagonist).