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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Script Repository

Hmmm... I thought that I had posted a few of these earlier, but then....!
Here are a few WebSites whee you can find screenplays for a few popular movies. Read'em and learn :)

I found a bunch of links at Open Directory:

  • Awesome Scripts and Screenplays - Collection of various scripts and screenplays, listed in alphabetical order.

  • Cinefania - Scripts from horror, sci-fi, fantasy and thriller movies, ready to download.

  • Colin's Movie Monologues - Hundreds of monologues from popular films, arranged alphabetically.

  • Daily Script - Collection of screenplays for a number of mainstream films, in alphabetical order.

  • Drew's Script-O-Rama - Index of downloadable movie and television scripts.

  • HorrorLair - Collection of horror, suspense, and science fiction movie scripts in plain text format.

  • Inflow's Script Depository - Self-contained HTML scripts that you can read online - no downloading of files

  • Internet Movie Script Database - Movie scripts online free for reading and downloading. Hundreds of popular movie scripts available.

  • JoBlo's Movie Scripts - Scripts and script drafts of movies.

  • Movie Scripts - Featuring links to movie scripts and transcripts.

  • Movie Script Archive - Alphabetical listing of screenplays and transcripts of films from various genres.

  • Movie Scripts - Alphabetical listing of screenplays for various action, science fiction, and horror films.

  • My PDF Scripts - Film and television screenplays in PDF format, along with reviews and a small collection of miscellaneous film-related publications.

  • Satan's Script-o-Rama - Alphabetical listing of science fiction, action, and horror films, in ZIP archive format.

  • Screenplays Online - Features a variety of online scripts available to read in an unzipped format.

  • Screenplays for You - Features downloadable scripts from various movies organized alphabetically.

  • Script-Fix - Provides an alphabetical listing of online movie scripts.

  • ScriptCrawler - Features searchable database of free movie, tv, radio, and anime scripts.

  • SimplyScripts - Searchable directory of downloadable scripts. Includes television, radio, anime and unproduced scripts and screenplays.

  • Television and Movie Scripts - Some scripts of television shows and popular movies.

  • The Sci-Fi Movie Page - Downloadable sci-fi, fantasy and horror movie scripts.