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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Tester13's GH1 hacks

Wow!! checkout these!!

AVCHD from GH1 - Pulldown removal with FCP & Compressor.

Do you own a Panasonic GH1? How do you edit the video recorded in FCP? How can you get the 1080/24p "film look"?
I was looking for pulldown removal steps and found this:

Here is the content from the above link (just in case the link does not work anymore).

To Bring in the footage;
1. Open FCP
2. Log and Transfer footage from card into project
3. Highlight all clips in Bin and EXPORT–>Using Compressor
4. When files open up in Compressor
5. Highlight all the clips that have transfered and add pre-existing setting, Apple Prores 422
– Modify by changing frame rate in the Encoder setting to 23.976
–Turn on Frame control and change the deinterlace field to Reverse Telecine
6. Choose target
7. Submit
8. When done, re-import new clips you have created into FCP.
9.Create sequence for Audio sync
10. Add In point to each clip where slate hits and In point on audio clips. Sync.
11. Link both clips
12. Drag to new bin and rename clip according to scene and take number.