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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Special effects with iMovie 11

Happy New Year Guys!!
2011 just flew by!

Anyways I am sure most of you know about these sites if you have tried special effects using iMovie.
  • to download the royalty free video footage and
  • for downloading audio clips
Go on try out some cool special effects...

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Tips for story writing

A must read for any storyteller is Scene & Structure by Jack M. Bickham. I love this book - got to own it.

Make sure to include as many elements from below in each of your scenes and in your plot:

  • Struggle

  • Conflict

  • Dissatisfaction

  • Aspiration

  • Choice

Another good book that I would like to own is Make a Scene by Jordan E. Rosenfeld.

Check out for good tips on story writing.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Writer's Digest Books

I found a wonderful book with very nice tips - Writer's Digest Handbook of Short Story Writing. After reading that I learnt that there are actiually two volumes! Volume 1 & 2 with ISBNs 0898790492 and 0898794633. (So looks like I have read only volume 1 and that itself is good. Since writing this I got hold of the second volume and it has a few good articles too.)
Anyways, there is an article about the various types of endings. Here are a few that I can remember:

  • Summation endings

  • Ideological endings

  • Antennae endings

  • Anti-climax or bonus endings

  • Reversal endings

  • Gimmick endings

  • Hoax endings (false villain or figure of good)

  • Deception endings

  • Unconventional use endings

  • Irony endings

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Tips on comedy from Stephen Duncan

Stephen in his book GenreScreenwriting says that people laugh because they are setup to be familiar with the situation and expect a familiar solution or answer but instead they are hit with an unexpected answer. So incorporate familiarity and the unexpected to get the laughs.

The major collision in all successful comedy is the clash of childishness vs social responsibility. Usually the protagonist impersonates someone he is not, so the more he wants to come clean it becomes more hard.

Three storytelling approaches:
1. Teenage coming of age (American Pie)
2. Body switching (ex: Big, 13 going on 30 etc)
3. Role Switching (Wedding Crashers, What Women Want etc)

Spice up your screenplay

I have been told not to use voice overs and flashbacks when writing a script. None the less I personally find the effective use of flashbacks appealing.I thought that it was just me feeling so until I found when reading the book "Genre Screenwriting" by Stephen V. Duncan. (Stephen's book is ok) Linda is great check out her blog and book - I find them interesting. I would like to explore more starting at

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Dr. Vasul Raja and Munnah Bhai

I wanted to draft this better but couldn't :(
A few years ago I saw a reasonably well made Hindi movie - Munnah Bhai - by sheer chance. Soon it was remade in Tamil as Dr. Vasul Raja.
The movie shows the hero hugging terminally ill patients as he cares for them - he even cures a long term coma patient by being humane.

Just recently I stumbled upon this great TED Talk by Paul Zak on Trust, morality -- and oxytocin
I now wonder what the scriptwriter would say if he learns about this!