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Monday, January 16, 2012

MI4 Sucks Big Time

I don't want this site to turn into a movie critique bs. However as almost all of my friends scorned when I asked them about MI4 I decided to experience it myself. I thought only MI3 had something of a plot in it. Anyways I watched MI4 in theater and it became clear why my friends hate it - there is no plot whatsoever. Even a college kid who has taken a screenwriting class could have done a better job. On top, all the reviews I find online give a totally wrong picture (they say MI4 is awesome) or is this just the power of Hollywood marketing at its best? The only review that echoes my feeling is this
In fact Anne has not gone to the extent of pointing out all inconsistencies in the plot.
There are items that don't work as expected all through the movie and there are a whole bunch of those; once is ok may be twice is okay too but beyond that you start shifting in your chair. (The phone failing to self-destruct may be funny and you can accept it as a nice twist when Tom fails to clear the jump and gets his head bumped on the tower in Dubai but what is the deal with abort button failing in the end? Why did the suction glove fail for no reason and then get stuck to the window pane a floor or two above after Tom threw it off?) can the writer not introduce better conflicts? Why give away the real codes - the argument given is not strong enough.
Why is it needed to get the code from Anil if it is not going to be used at all? If the villain has the controls in his briefcase then why did he break in into the TV station after flying all the way from Dubai? By the way what became of all those baggages they brought to Mumbai? Why kill the wife and bring her back alive that too in resolution - is that to show the emotional dimension of Ethan? Really I don't see the need for the third act!
Having said all these I must admit that the visual effects were really good.
And yeah the starting credits suck big time - I hatted it! Plain black background might have worked much much better.