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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Mt. Everest Photographed at the Highest Resolution

This is an amazing picture of the Khumbu glacier and Mt. Everest that someone shared with me; zoom near the area I have marked below to see the base came and also to get a sense of the grandeur.  Someone told me that David Breashears compiled this from some 400 photographs!

My collegue forwarded this link to a friend who helped spot a few climbers (see image below). There are many climbers to the left of the arrow and the top arrow is Camp 4!

If you are like me and don't know which is the summit then refer this image
Explore the entire site - there are amazing pictures.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Patch settings that I use on my GH13

After my last post on how I could sharpen my videos from GH13 I grew greedy and wanted more mega bits :) So I searched around for better patch settings and came up with the following. Until now I was using "LPowell - 100Mbps Max Latitude Native 24-25p Standard Patch v2". (By the way, great work Vitality - thanks a bunch!) Now, with my own settings I seem to get quite good videos - AVCHD videos have a maximum overall bit rate of about 120 Mbps and about 40 Mbps on an average; audio is at 192 Kbps which can be increased further. The MPEG videos are roughly around 70 Mbps and the audio is at 512 Kbps!
Here are my settings - do give it a try and let me know what you think. Especially if you have StreamParser* installed do let me know if the video is cleaner, sharper, better etc:

Comment=Based on GOP3, LPowell, PappaArts and Blackout
Camera=GH1 v1.32
Version increment=10
Prevent version compare=Checked
New body=Checked
Third-party battery=Checked
All Interface Languages=Checked
30min limit removal=Checked
Maximum ISO limit removal=Checked
PAL<->NTSC Menu=Checked
480p30 width=960
480p30 height=720
720p30 420->422 color sampling=Checked
E1 Quality=384
E1 Table=6
E2 Quality=330
E2 Table=12
E3 Quality=300
E3 Table=24
E4 Quality=276
E4 Table=48
F1 Quality=150
F1 Table=86
F2 Quality=130
F2 Table=56
F3 Quality=115
F3 Table=26
F4 Quality=100
F4 Table=4
Native 24p/25p=Checked
Video Bitrate FHD/SH=120000000
Video Bitrate H=50000000
Video Bitrate L=42000000
Overall Bitrate=120000000
720p50 GOP Size=5
720p60 GOP Size=5
1080p25 GOP Size=3
1080p24 GOP Size=3
Preset bitrate=530
Preset bitrate 2=1060
Overall Bitrate 2=120000000
Constant for 1080p=9720000
Constant for 720p=864000
Constant 6000=4500
Framerate related comparison=24
Video buffer=50.000.000
Audio buffer=8.500.000
For more info on the hack visit: or
For more info on StreamParser visit:

* To quote Vitality from one of his blog posts: StreamParser by Chris Brandin as help tool to analyse AVCHD streams -
Other good idea is also use trial version of Elecard StremEye -