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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

John Cleese on Creativity

Here are some lectures by John Cleese on creativity:

Audio for Film-making with DSLR

I have been wanting to capture better audio when shooting using my GH1. After a few hours of browsing what I found was that it was possible to setup a seperate system to record audio alone while your video is recorded on your DSLR (this is refered to as the two system). Both styles of capturiing audio (either using on-camera or using a seperate system to capture audio) have their advantages and disadvantages. While is it possible to record audio on-camera it might not produce best results (How would you capture audio of right quality if a couple of actors are far away from the camera and the others are closer?) Similarly the two system method needs the audio captured to be sync-ed with video during editing which could be combursome.
While I was personally tilting towards the "two-system" I also found that it was possible to capture the same audio that your seperate audio setup can capture on your DSLR too. This can be done by setting up your "two system" and then running the monior feed of your audio recorder like a Zoom H4n to  your DSLR's mic input.

Here are some links that canhelp you with your research on this subject: