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Thursday, July 28, 2016

From Good to Great...

Now that you have written your screen play or story how would you make it great? Read though Donald Maass's Writing the Breakout Novel. It gave me a few ideas to improve my script.
Here is a short summary from Amanda:

Sunday, July 10, 2016

From Web Developer's Bookmarks

A lot of innovative tools have been cropping around. I know you all would have used some of these at some point.The following are a few interesting tools:
  • Use if you want to write a small snippet and ask a question based on it - say for example you need to show others the JavaScipt that is misbehaving you can use this.
  • browser-sync is a tool that aids rapid development. Open sublimetext and type away your HTML, CSS and JavaScript and then view the output on the browser window of BrowserSync. Of course you need to have node.js and npm to install browser sync.
browser-sync start --server . --directory -files "*"
  • is similar to JSFiddle but have a few more features. 
  • Of course here are some cool stuff...
  • If at somepoint you are wondering which feature is supported by which browser, then go to to findout.
  • Here is a validatior to verify if your HTML is ... well... valid.
Not so useful as the above but is a site that shows which browser is popular.
Let me know if you have used any useful tools.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Movies... movies...

The other day I was searching for something and stumble don these. These are ways to view movies online.
I want to see if these can be viewed through a Roku box...